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Stewart Brand Reflects on a Lifetime of Staying “Hungry and Foolish”: NPR

Chris Anderson interviews Stewart Brand (right) at TED2017.

Ryan Lash/TED

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Ryan Lash/TED

Chris Anderson interviews Stewart Brand (right) at TED2017.

Ryan Lash/TED

about the episode

From hippie culture to early personal computers, Stewart Brand has been instrumental in some of the most groundbreaking movements of the last century. This hour, he reflects on his life and his career.

About the Stewart brand

Stewart Brand is the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog and co-founder of Long Now FoundationThe Well and Revive & Restore.

He is the author of The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at MIT, How buildings learn, The pitch clock now: time and responsibility other II Cyber ​​Frontiers.

Brand has given many TED Talks, including “The Long Now” and “The Dawn of De-Extinction. Are You Ready?”

Audible’s new podcast, we are like godschronicles the life and legacy of Brand.

This TED Radio Hour episode was produced and edited by Rachel Faulkner, Katie Simon and Manoush Zomorodi, with help from producers Katie Monteleone and James Delahoussaye. You can follow us on Twitter @TEDRadioHour and email us at


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