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EA CEO is following the money for more games with player-created content

EA sees a huge opportunity in games that allow players to create their own content, CEO Andrew Wilson said at a Goldman Sachs conference on Tuesday, as reported by axes. games like Minecraft other Roblox with extensive player creation tools they have become huge hits with enduring popularity, and it seems that EA wants to find more ways to allow players to create content in their own titles.

He highlighted some EA franchises that he thinks already have notable creative aspects, such as The Sims (soon to be free to play), fifaY battlefieldand talked about how the next live service rollerblading The title will offer plenty of opportunities for player creation.

“Just like in the real world, where skateboarding leans towards fashion, music, automotive, construction and branding, we think the franchise can do that too,” said Wilson. “So you’ll see us lean more towards real involvement and investment in creation.” the rollerblading The team has already teased some of the tools they’re working on, like in-game “CollaboZones” that can be built collaboratively and appear in other players’ worlds in real time.

Wilson hopes that, in the future, “there will be the creation of new worlds that will sit right next to the worlds that we create, and people will move without friction between those two things,” he said. This sounds somewhat similar to what you can see in Fortnite Today, expansive player-created worlds are offered right next to Epic’s own modes in game discovery tools.

Wilson indicated that there is a significant business opportunity in encouraging gamers to create content. The correlation between “engaged minutes” (aka how long someone might be playing a game) and money spent is nearly one-to-one, he said, so whether content is created by players or EA, there is ” an extraordinary opportunity to [EA].”

While EA is going to invest in game creation tools, Wilson discussed how the company doesn’t plan to pour money into game-adjacent entertainment opportunities like movies like other companies have. “I’m not going to go out and buy a movie studio just because I think there’s going to be a convergence between linear and interactive,” he said. “I think there are different ways we can do that.”

And despite the popularity of EA’s sports franchises, it’s also not looking for expensive sports broadcast rights. “I’m not going to go out and spend billions of dollars on linear broadcast sports rights, because I believe there is a way that we can fulfill and satisfy the needs and motivations of our sports fans within our ecosystem in a much more sustainable way. deliberate that is much more aligned with how they want to consume that content.”

“I don’t think we’ve delivered in the last two iterations the way we should have.”

He also referred to the state of the battlefield franchise, which is trying to recover from the highly criticized release of battlefield 2042 last year, and acknowledged that EA did not live up to expectations. “I don’t think we’ve delivered the last two iterations the way we should have,” he said. “There’s a lot of work we have to do there.” EA has “an extraordinary creative team involved in battlefield now,” he says, and I think there’s a good chance he’s on the right track now. Vince Zampella, who heads apex legends other Titanfall developer Respawn, is now in charge of the franchise, and there are new battlefield experiences in the works like a new “narrative campaign” and a mobile game.

wilson believes battlefield could fill any potential void left by Obligations following Microsoft’s pending acquisition of Activision. “In a world where there may be questions about the future of Obligations and what platform it might or might not be on, being platform independent and completely cross platform with battlefield it’s a great opportunity,” Wilson said.

And while Wilson is on guard against disruption from tech giants that have gotten into gaming (some more successfully than others), he thinks EA will hold out. “I tell our teams: never underestimate these giant companies that have innovative DNA, monopolistic tendencies and deep pockets,” he said. “We always have to ask ourselves what happens if they do it right. But starting today, we have this very, very unique and special opportunity to deliver the future of entertainment.”


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