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Ark: Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven are this week’s free Epic Store games

A new batch of freebies has hit the Epic Games Store, with this week’s deals coming in the form of the dinosaur survival adventure Ark: Survival Evolved and the video game adaptation of the acclaimed board game Gloomhaven.

This isn’t the first Ark: Survival Evolved outing as a giveaway from Epic – it was given away in June 2020 – but if you’re a survival fan who hasn’t seen it yet, it’s probably worth checking out.

Released in August 2017 after several years in Early Access, the Ark base game offers a very compelling (albeit rather rickety) blend of dinosaur taming and breeding, base building, and survival meter management, all in the service of survival. large-scale tribal warfare, unless you opt to join a PvE server, in which case your scariest enemy is usually a pillar. Later expansions, not included with the freebie from Epic, have increased the sci-fi/fantasy factor, which, if you enjoy the beats of the base game, you might find more to your liking.

Ark: Survival Evolved – Official Launch Trailer.

As for Gloomhaven, it’s an excellent adaptation of designer Isaac Childres’ sprawling tactical turn-based dungeon crawler. The original iteration of the board game offers a persistent fantasy world filled with characters, items, and settings, gradually unlocked over the course of a 100+ hour campaign. It’s a fantastic, exciting, richly designed and complete RPG experience, and it also comes in a very big box.

The fact that the digital version from developer Flaming Fowl Studios doesn’t fall off a shelf and kill you is probably reason enough to check it out, but it’s also a cheaper, more manageable version of Gloomhaven that, with online co-op for 4 players. support- ends up being faithful to the original taking full advantage of the change of support.

Gloomhaven – Game Overview Trailer.

both Ark: Survival Evolved other Gloom Haven they’re free to add to your Epic Games Store library right now and will stay that way until next Thursday, September 29, at which point Drone Racing League Simulator and Runbow will take over.


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